There are several trekking opportunities starting from the Agriturismo, the best known are:
- Blue, Bes, Nero and Longet lakes;
- Tour of the Royal Tower passing through 'Le Torrette' with descent onto Lago Nero;
-Tour of Bardia and Pianasea with passage through Colle del Lupo;
-Tour of the Rocca Nera with passage from Colle Blanchet and the Lakes region; -Colle di San Veran;
-Colle dell'Agnello;
- Ascent or Tour of the Pic d'Asti;
- Cima Losetta passing through the Soustra Valley;
-Punta Selo;
-Punta Tre Chiosis;
-Vallone di Torrette with descent into the Vallone di Fiutrusa through the Colle del Rastel and ascent to Chianale along the 'Crotto' path;
- 'Crotto' path that connects the hamlet of Chianale with the chief town on the hydrographic right Varaita;
- Lanzetti path that connects Chianale with grange Rio, at the entrance of the Soustra valley, and continues towards the valley to the Savigliano refuge in Monte della Fraz. Genzana; These itineraries and others are fully described on the websites: and > area> varaita valley.

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